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4+ Expert tips to help you Grow your traffic through blogger (influencer) outreach.

It’s really great to continue blogging after a tedious period of exams and presentations. For this week’s topic, we’ll be covering something that seems elusive to most first-time bloggers. A phrase I refer to as “influencer outreach.”

I know this is the case because when I started out blogging, I never considered outreach as an important blogging strategy. Furthermore, results from surveys sent out to first-time blogger friends showed that over 95% of them don’t even consider themselves worthy to reach out to influencers. Oh! What a missed opportunity...

Performing influencer outreach or influencer marketing offer advantages that go beyond just generating blog traffic or engagement.

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Here are some other advantages of blogger outreach

1. It helps develop great relationships.

A great influencer outreach is based on mutual benefits. Both parties have to help each other out. In fact, you may need to put in the extra effort. This makes sense because for any relationship to exist, there's got to be positive input from all parties involved.

We can also think of this in this sense; to get value from an influencer, you must provide value to that influencer. If you do this, they take you seriously and place you in their good book.

Doing this consistently results in walls being broken down between you two (yourself and the influential figure). Thus, making them more open to you for future requests.

And what do you think will be the result from all these actions???

You guessed it! You'll have successfully built a relationship with an influencer.

2. It establishes trust and authority

Following my previous point, nothing sounds better than getting a recommendation from an influential figure within a niche.

If I got a mention from someone like Bill Gates on an article I wrote on Windows OS, readers will perceive that I am skilled in Windows. In the event that some of these readers need help with any Windows related problem, they'll consider me a great resource to check out. 

As a marketer, this means more brand awareness, therefore, leading to more leads and potentially more sales.

3. Better marketing strategy (increase in ROI)

Blogger outreach requires a lot of research. And yes, this does take some time to accomplish.

You'll want to reach out to an influencer that serves your intended audience. If you do this the right way, you'll get a dedicated audience that is always willing to listen to what you have to say. Hence, making the initial research effort worth every sweat. 

To emphasize my point, a study done by TapInfluence showed that influencer marketing delivers 11X higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing.

4. Boosts website SEO

This is really a no brainer when you think about it...

People will link to and share your content when an influencer does. This is because they expect such an authority figure to promote only shareworthy contents. And you can expect that when a content begins to gain a lot of traction, search engines take notice of this. Thus leading to improved rankings.

Now that we've established some advantages of influencer marketing, let's move on to something more interesting...

How do you do an influencer outreach?

To answer this question, I reached out to about 40 experts within my niche. But due to delayed responses from commitments by several of these, I decided to turn this post into a series, delivering 4 expert tips at a time.

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Here is the question I asked them;

"As someone with a lot of experience, if you were to start a blog from scratch, what would you do when performing an influencer outreach?"

Let's dive right in and see what our experts have to say...

1. Joe Ellis

Joe Ellis

Joe is an affiliate marketer and entrepreneur. He currently blogs at One Man Wiki where he shares his knowledge about the internet marketing world. His aim is to share what works and what doesn't in order to get you started in making money online and developing a sound business strategy.

Check him out at One Man Wiki 

This is actually a very timely question as I will be starting a new blog very soon. The first thing I will do is make sure that I have a professional looking blog.

You can use free templates if you are unable design a theme template (I wouldn’t even recommend learning WordPress theme development) but just make sure the content is readable… I can design my own so it’s a bit different for me…I would recommend Studiopress or Thrive Themes!

Next would be your new and epic content! You need to make sure that you have content that influencers will find interesting. To do this, I turn to my favorite tool Buzzsumo and run some searches for my keywords and topics. You are looking for content ideas that spread like an epidemic… This shows it’s a proven topic idea.

I really want my content to stand out. So for a brand new blog, I would make sure that the content makes people go… WOW! Short paragraphs that speak directly to your audience and the influencers you are reaching out to. You have to get some nice images, video if applicable and a content upgrade.

Start building your list straight away. This is where I have gone wrong in the past! When you have that one really stellar piece of content, start reaching out to people who have shared similar content. Get to know each one of them by reading and interacting with their content.

When you are ready shoot them a personal email just make sure they have noticed you before hand. You need to get out of the habit of the…“I love your stuff share mine.” Just tell them why you were interested in their content and how it has helped you. Then simply ask them to check yours… don’t ask to share or anything just ask them for feedback!

Take their feedback on board and rectify anything they highlight. To take the relationship further, just keep the conversation going, share their content, link to their content, or maybe even be their case study. You really just want to be the helpful friend type.

Do that for as many people as you can and you will start to see waves with your content marketing.

2. Sue Dunlevie

Sue Dunlevie

Sue helps bloggers make consistent, reliable income online so they can work at home, be their own boss, and spend more time doing what they love. Follow her and get the strategy to take your blog to consistent $1K months.

Check her out at Successful Blogging

Here are some things you can do to help boost a potential relationship with an influential blogger you don’t know:

  • Mention them in your blog post and link to them. That will send a pingback to their blog, where they see that you linked to them without you even telling them.
  • Share their social media posts on a regular basis with your own additional comments.
  • Consistently comment on each of their blog posts
  • Send them a complimentary email emphasizing what you learned from one of their recent posts
  • Ask them to participate in a group interview (like this one!)by sending one well-thought out question
  • Join one of their webinars or buy one of their courses or coaching hours

All of these methods help to build your relationships with influential bloggers. Because this is the bottom line: Building a relationship with a top blogger that has more traffic leads to building your blog traffic at the same time.

3. Summer Tannhauser

Summer Tannhauser

I teach entrepreneurs to build a list, gain leads + create their dream business model through the powerful duo of Passive Income + Pinterest Strategy.

Check her out at Lady Boss League

I’ve found that the best influencer outreach strategy is to identify influencers that have a need that is solved directly by what you do.

Even if your business model is primarily focused on non-service related activities (online courses, digital products, etc.), if you can make an exception and provide a service to the influencer that is related to your offerings, you have the opportunity to get a high-level testimonial of someone who normally would not take your course.

This not only gets you the testimonial (if you do a good job!), but it develops your relationship and trust with the influencer, along with their support team. Make a few of these influencer opportunities happen, and you’ll be amazed of what other connections come out of it!

4. Meera Kothand

Meera Kothand

Meera is a mom, writer, and lover of a solid plan. She's worked in the marketing and comms industry for 8 years before getting bit by a serious case of the freedom bug & having her little girl. She loves everything blogging and digital/email marketing and she would love to show you how fabulous it can be when it’s done on your own terms with the right strategies.

Check her out at Meera Kothand

If I were to start over, I wouldn’t be as hesitant as I was back then to contact influencers. When you have a relationship and value first mindset, influencers would be more than happy to engage and connect with you.

Secondly, influencer outreach can get complicated especially when you’re connecting with different people at the same time. If I were to start over, I would use an outreach tool to make the process simpler to follow through on. 

Wrapping Up...

Influencer outreach doesn't need to be dreadful any longer. Our four experts have brilliantly outlined some excellent strategies to help you approach this task with ease.

Therefore, I encourage you to go the extra mile and implement these tips. These are tried and proven to work and will do you a lot of good if you take action.

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to all our experts. Please, show them lots of love. Check them out and follow them respectively.

What strategies do you use for content marketing? Share them in the comments below. I'll love to read them.

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Sue Dunlevie

Great post, David! Thanks for including me with these blogger friends of mine.


Summer Tannhauser

Enjoyed this post David, and what a great topic to cover! Thanks for including me